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Paisagens do Sul - 3ª edition
A Pintura De Volnei Sant'Ana

When I looked at Volnei's painting for the first time, I felt as if I were in a safe place. It conveyed me a sensation of peace and tranquility; feelings which are long searched by every man who lives in a big city.

The quest for a utopic and idealized world is just a consequence of it. However, it doesn't mean that in this endless quest for peace we can live in such a bucolic and tranquil world. We do need to look for them, because the mere fact of searching not only calms us down but also contents our souls so deeply perturbed by the daily and necessary stresses of life. Volnei gives us what we spend our whole lives fighting for: PEACE, in a perfect mastering of colours. His technique can de defined as realist but at the
same time it is a romantic one, mixing kindness and harmony with perfection.

It touches us so deeply that we can even hear the noise of the water springs
that flow to the rivers, or we dare to tread on the paths that take us to the mountains. Life made us members of Mankind, but only the Art made us human beings. Artists do have the obligation to transmit and connect ordinary people to
it. Volnei manages to accomplish this task in a masterly way. He takes us to a
very simple world where Nature is the cardinal element and also makes us
reflect about the essential in life...

André Guarisse Marchand


Paisagens do Sul - 2ª edition

“Who among us would not recognize in these paths, in these wide horizons, in these warm and comfortable shelters - a boat, a house, the shadow of a three - the contours of other landscapes already seen, transitory memories, nothing else than echoes of experiences already lived that make a point of being very present in our existences?
Maybe that is where the appeal of Volnei Sant’Ana’s works lies, appeal which was transformed by one of these coincidences of life into a precious and rewarding discovery.”

Maria Isabel Edelweis Bujes

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Paisagens do Sul - 1ª edition

The nature of the South region makes us feel as if we were at the very beginning of man's existence. It's a return to our forebears. It is not an intelect knowledge but an instinctive perception that is present in the wind, in the changes of the climate, in the mist, in the clouds and in the colour of the sky, which is perceived by us in astonishment every time it wraps us up.

Volnei accomplished to capture this blow of nature and dared to reproduce it in a harmonious way, going much beyond a simple reproduction.

Antonio Soriano

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