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From September 30th to October 6th, paintings by the artist Volnei Sant'Ana were on display at Shopping Center Iguatemi. It was a successful exhibition. The exhibition named "Paisagens do Sul" included landscapes from Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina and Uruguai which were portrayed to the canvas with realism of colours, lights and shades.

Paisagens do Sul

The nature of the South region makes us feel as if we were at the very beginning of man's existence. It's a return to our forebears. It is not an intelect knowledge but an instinctive perception that is present in the wind, in the changes of the climate, in the mist, in the clouds and in the colour of the sky, which is perceived by us in astonishment every time it wraps us up.

Volnei accomplished to capture this blow of nature and dared to reproduce it in a harmonious way, going much beyond a simple reproduction.

Antonio Soriano

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